Enfants Terribles #12
– The Best Friend Forever issue


Best Friends Forever - a tribute to friendship in all it's splendour. Old friends, new friends, best friends and imaginary friends. It comes in many shapes and at various points in our lives. It helps us shape the person we want to be and the life we want to live. Explore the theme with us and be inspired to be a better friend or learn from children how to make a new friend. Life is better when you have friends and you know it.

Enfants Terribles #13
– Art is everything. Play is more.


What is art? Do we need art? These are the questions we ask ourselves and our dear readers in this wildly creative issue.  We played with art, we danced with art and we tried to push the limits of our own lazy imaginations in search for that secret gateway to the place where art and play meet and magic happens. Explore the history of art, read what the kids think we need art for and be prepared to be blown away with the creative super powers of our excellent team of artists and creatives.

Enfants Terribles #14
– The Moon Child Diary


Get a sneak peek into which trends and movements Enfants Terribles Magazine predicts will grow and flourish in 2017. The Moon Child Diary is an ode to the imagination and it's ability to move mountains and make room for life and play. The Moon Child is in all of us. This issue shares the story of a pure and childlike soul, who travels through seven worlds and challenges to reach The Heart of Everything. We hope it will reach your hearts too.